Thursday, March 28, 2013

This is Sheylie Paige
she turned 8 on August 11
and turning 8 is a milestone in the LDS church, she was baptized into
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Shey was pretty excited as you can see by her happy smile

And she looked beautiful in her white pretty dress

She thought the ducks were quite a fun added touch to the photo shoot
and so did I.

She looks so adorable reading her scriptures sitting under the tree
the roots of the tree made quite a nice chair for her to sit on. 

Sheylie wanted to feed the ducks, and the ducks came up to her gently, love this photo

Sheylie Paige knows just how to sweet

This dolly girl  looked so beautiful today
We just love her

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I entered the two photos of the LDS Temples into the
LDS living Temple photo contest of 2013
The photos will be chosen for the 2014 calendar


This is the Salt Lake City Temple
right in the heart of  the  Salt Lake City, Utah
Located in Temple Square
This is one of the oldest Temples
This Temple location was first marked by Brigham Young on January 28, 1847 after the Mormons arrived in Salt Lake City
The temple site was dedicated on February 14, 1853, presided by Brigham Young.
The LDS Temples are viewed as a symbol to help people find their way back to Heaven.
There is a great history of this majestic Temple built many years ago and you can learn of it when you visit the Temple Square in SLC Utah, it's a must for visitors of any age.


This is the beautiful San Diego LDS Temple
Located in La Jolla, California right off the I-5
It looks like a princess castle, many non-members will come and have a photo shoot in front of this beauty. The grounds are gorgeous and it sits up on a small hill.
As you drive into San Diego you will come up over a hill on the freeway and right at the top of the hill, all of the sudden, you will view this Temple standing out from all other buildings. It's surprise and beauty has often caused traffic jams as everyone is delighted at it's majestic architecture as they feel the reverence, and sacredness, of it's presence.

There are a lot of beautiful photos of the Temples entered in this contest from all over the world, so wish me luck~