Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miss Kylee (beautiful) Fowler
Graduated from BYU Idaho

with a communications degree

lots of hard work, blood sweat and tears

Kylee can see a different future ahead of her to look forward to

Momma is so proud of her Kylee...yup...with good reason!!!
Congratulations Kylee...a job well done!

Friday, May 16, 2014

A baptism day

Muzzette turned 8 years old

In the Mormon faith, it's a huge milestone
for baptism.

Her Momma had a dress made for her by Muzette's great Grandma.
Muzette's great grandpa bought her this beautiful locket on the day she was blessed as a baby, as a token of his love for her.  Muzette is wearing this beautiful keepsake on her baptism day.
I love this endearing tradition.

Muzette's Mother dressed her all up for special pictures in her
beautiful baptism dress. Muzetts' Momma is capturing
the sweet moment in a photo

oh the love of a child

and the beautiful smile, will capture your heart any day!
so happy for your choice darling Muzzette~