Friday, March 11, 2011

Part 2 of Tonya Joy's photographers workshop
The Couple photoshoot
Krystal Sewell

Krystal and her fiance, they are such a stunning couple!
and getting married this summer

Krystal is such a beauty

I really enjoyed the photo workshop. I met many other photographers who shared the same excitment of photos I did. I learned new things to add to my photography style and am excited to get that going. I enjoyed every minute of the workshop, Tonya Joy was talented and creative and the models were fabulous and now Im off and running! Thanks Tonya for sharing!!!

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Rachel said...

Love your shots and the Logo. How did you go about setting that up? I have great fonts to choose from but have been searching the internet for out to also incorporate other images like swirls, etc! Thanks! I responded to your comment on my post as well! Love you too! That was such a fun day!