Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My neice  Alyssa and her husband John Tallent's wedding day
June 23, 2012
 although I wasn't the photographer that day, I took my camera and did random shots of all who was waiting for the newley wedded couple

I found good looking young un's, 2 sisters, a brother and sister in law in the wedding party

 I snapped the tender moments of a long time love

 I found sisters who got along, they were adorable

darling cousins of all ages

 Alyssa's sisters Alexis and Ashley smiling for their Auntie

 The joyous family of Alyssa and now John's too...gotta share

 An important request from the bride~a beautiful yellow boquet of flowers,
proof she got her request granted

 The loving couple and best friends

who would know all this would be happening as we all awaited the couple to exit the Holy Temple as Mr. and Mrs Alyssa and John Tallent today.  What a wonderful beautiful day!

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The Wyett Family said...

Beautiful dress. I just love your pictures, Diane. And your captions are so sweet. Love you.