Monday, June 24, 2013

Little babies make your heart tender~

 and when they smile it just pierces your soul.

 and Momma got herself a new camera, she can hardly put it down

 she needs a camera to capture the sweetness of her baby boy

With her and the photographer side by side snapping shots,
oh the memories will be sweet~ 

 while the baby boy is looking up at his Daddy the photographer snaps more shots

we don't' want to miss one moment of this photoshoot as he gazes taking a break

 and last but not leas,t his Mommie and Daddy are standing right behind me and he lifts his head to watch the two he adores trying to make him smile. 

1 comment:

The Madsen Family said...

Oh he is so precious to us!! I only wish i had you walking me through this picture taking fun since day 1 with our oldest beauty. :) Better late then never and your talent is sooo worth the wait!!!